ну сказка же

ну сказка же

.Do we just cease . do we just dissolve the Senate, House of Representatives, the judicial branch, and have someone like Bernie Sanders and a cabinet of people make all the decision on climate? I mean, I.m serious,. he says.

In another part of the video, Weissgerber suggests imprisoning Republicans in re-education camps will help the country.

.What will help is when we send all the Republicans to the re-education camps,. says the Sanders organizer. .Can you imagine Mitch McConnell? Lindsey Graham?.

After a cut, he continues with a whitewashed description of Soviet forced labor camps: .The gulags were founded as re-education camps,. he explains. .People came from America to work on the Belomorkanal, the Soviet project, for the communist project,. he continues. .It.s a beautiful thing..