"funded in whole or in part by the Russian government"

"funded in whole or in part by the Russian government"

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обращали ли вы внимание на текст под картинкой:

"ORT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government"

а вот про НПР, ББС и СБС пишут по-другому

"CBC/Radio Canada is Canadian public broadcast service"
"BBC is a British public broadcast service"
"NPR is an American public broadcast service"

и ничего про правительственные деньги.

случайное совпадение?

For the fiscal year 2006, the CBC received a total of $1.53 billion from
all revenue sources, including government funding via taxpayers,
subscription fees, advertising revenue, and other revenue (e.g., real
estate). ... the CBC received $946 million in its annual funding from
the federal government.

The BBC pursues its licence fee collection and enforcement under the
trading name "TV Licensing". The revenue is collected privately by
Capita, an outside agency, and is paid into the central government
Consolidated Fund, a process defined in the Communications Act 2003.
Funds are then allocated by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport
(DCMS) and the Treasury and approved by Parliament via legislation.
Additional revenues are paid by the Department for Work and Pensions to
compensate for subsidised licences for eligible over-75-year-olds.

According to the 2009 financial statement, about 50% of NPR revenues
come from the fees it charges member stations for programming and
distribution charges.[24] Typically, NPR member stations receive funds
through on-air pledge drives, corporate underwriting, state and local
governments, educational institutions, and the federally funded
Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). In 2009, member stations
derived 6% of their revenue from federal, state and local government
funding, 10% of their revenue from CPB grants, and 14% of their revenue
from universities.