Revenue and Technology of Clandestine Organizations

Revenue and Technology of Clandestine Organizations

Revenue and Technology of Clandestine Organizations

Where the Clandestine Organizations revenue comes from
And how to look for their agents.

Huge sums of cash flow daily into the GM manufacturing plant in Detroit.
Huge sums of cash flow out of GM. GM is in the loan business.
They loan out money for the pretense of selling a buyer a new car.
GM in detroit is the new Clandestine Organizations factory.
The Clandestine Intestinal Agent walks onto a car lot with no money.
The Clandestine Intestinal agent walks away with a $50,000.00 dollar loan and a new car, defaulting on the loan, selling the car as soon as they are off the lot to some one who reports it stolen, after taking it to the chop shop recon emporium. So he, or the same guy, walks away with insurance money for the car, which is the amount of the loan he started with, plus the amount he pockets for reselling the newly re-titled recon car on a used car lot!
Could the Used Car Dealer lots selling NEW YEAR model vehicles with the recon title be fronts for the Clandestine Organization? Perhaps. Thats where the weak link is. They must buy and sell NEW YEAR model vehicles cars. Look for them. Use the insurance claims records of stolen high priced items, including NEW YEAR model vehicles, antique guns, coins, jewlery anything else without serial numbers to back trace to the Clandestine Organization agents. Insurance scam. Just look over the insurence records to find the high priced items like jewlery that have no serial numbers. The people that are reporting the stolen items are not worried about the price of insurence. They make one payment no matter what it costs, reporting the item stolen, getting the insurence money. They then pass the untracable item to the next Clandestine Organizations agent and the process starts all over again. These rare artifacts never enter the general publics hands, remaining in the secluded families that the Clandestine Organizations is made up of. So look for a family link.
The bad defaulted loan is written off on the books as that, a bad loan. The car is chopped shopped, dismantelled, retitled. The Clandestine Organization agent walks away with more cash. Use the recon titles to back trace to the Clandestine Organization agents via NEW YEAR model vehicles with a recon title. LOOK FOR THEM. The agent walks away with $100,000.00 and free to do what ever the Clandestine Organization wants him to.

More money comes from defaulted Loans.
Chase Manhatten sends out to the Clandestine Organization Agents a maximum limit VISA card, whom then maxes it out buying a product which can quickly be dumped for cash. Perhaps a new car? Or uses it all year for needed items untill it is maxed. Then defaulted on. Look for new identities given out with new Social Security numbers by the Social Security Administration.

More money comes from Embezlement.
Just by sneeking a penny or two off each transaction. Large sums are amassed by manipulating the books, attributed to accounting errors, or rounding up. Just by filling up your fuel tank the fractions of a cent are skimmed off, Embezled and contribute to the funding of the Clandestine Intestinal Agents revenue.
The Clandestine Intestinal Agents are the CPA's at (Name WithHeld). They are able to move large amounts of money off the ledger books, hiding the money. Clandestine Intestinal Agents are certified Public Accountants. They have three white vinyl training manuals. Their white vinyl training manuals have red letting CPA on the spine.

Why are there the loop holes to allow their agents to steal money you ask? To keep the Separatist identities hidden.
Who owns the secret space age techknowledgy? Not the US GoV.
Perhaps (Name WithHeld), (Name WithHeld), (Name WithHeld) money is involved. Two of the men were involved with funding Nicoli Teslas research into free energy from the iona sphere, cyclotrons and sonic weapons. Farther back the money obviously came from the Church a thousand years ago. The Church libarary has documents that describe advanced electronic applications.
Why is (Name WithHeld), the man that brought (Invention WithHeld) to every home in New York, Chicgago, exc..., not mentioned as one of the riches men to have lived. Why is their no mention of him in the books. Why can't I buy a biography of (Name WithHeld)?

The Technology

I hear the Clandestine Organization flying the WHITE JETS are the Separatist Movement. I hear they have MAOOPS Technolgy, Multiple Alternating Out of Phase Stealth equipment.
This allows them to have Digital Vid cams and Intercom units on their head, allowing them to record and transmit everything they see and hear to their remote watchers at offices with lazyboy chairs and TVs and you can not see it. They see. They watch. They then tell their remote viewer what to look at or say. That is the buzz word, Remote Viewer, if you want to be one too.
I also hear they are humans, banished from another planet, that are taking over this planet with swing club parties, satanic devil worship, child molestation, and murder. Their slogan is "IT'S ALL GOOD", or "AIN'T NOTHING WRONG". If those things sound appealing to you, join their army. Listen for that phrase being said every where.
If in tough situations you ask yourself, "What would Curly do?", you might be a candidate as a Clandestine Organizations' agent.
The type of profile they want are Three Stooges fans, adults that broke their toys as children, Index fingers shorter then their ring fingers, high school outcasts, power mongers, thugs. Oh yea, they love to find someone that fits the profile of a criminal with crimes that have not been proven and have not been found guilty of. They love to get the evidence and black mail them, make them do what ever they want, make you pay them money. Other wise, haha, they will screw you, back stab you and have you arrested for those crimes. That's why they encourage you to chant "IT'S ALL GOOD" or "AIN'T NOTHING WRONG". You get the idea. On the bright side they do have enemies in the government. Some people do know what is going on. The weak link of their technology (1. Vocabulary of Knowledge), (2. EMP), (3. Marijuana, Theophylln).
If they, for some reason, choose to make you one of their recruits and you don't have a clue about what is going on, tell them to fuck off. If you don't they will tell you to change your religion, if it's not satanic devil worship. They will tell you to change your sexualality, if your not a homosexual. They will tell you to change your life style, if your not an out going individual. If "IT'S ALL GOOD" sounds great to you a "Sign and Burn" pact with the Devil agreement will be printed for you.
If you don't want to they will tell you will have to live in squalor. They are the Big Bad Wolf. They will HUFF and PUFF and BLOW your house down. If you don't do what they want or pay them blackmail money they will torture you with their high tech electronic equipment which is not biocompatible to the human body. They have the ability to damage your brain. Does the Clandestine Organization Members have anything to do with Psychiatric Hospitals? I'm not quit sure how much damage they can do to your brain. In my proffession I have seen worse case textbook symptoms of schizophrenia.
Look at the pop star "B. S." (name withheld for confidential reasons), highly succesful, highly motivated, reduced to being locked in a psych ward on psychiatric meds in a few months time.



The Physical Illnesses

Physical Illnesses attributed to the Technology, often my be diagnosed by some physicians as a psychosomatic Illnesses.

The illnesses are just not local to the involvment of the MID BRAIN. Also involved are the paratial lobes; temperal lobes (broccals areas); cerebelem. The spaces in the bone above the eyebrow in the forehead. The Spaces in the bone above the clef plate below the mid brain. And the fissures on the skull below the eye sockets and ears (The holes where nerves enter and exit out of the skull). Also the Sacram is involved. The ancient GODS believed the Sacram was sacred, thus the name.
What ancient GODS?
And of course the spinal column.
The Thylamus; The Adreanal glands; The testicles; and the intestinal system. Hair system (why is their hair growing out of my ears?)

The diseases are:

Abnormal muscles under the eyes. You know the big puffy things. Thats a big give away that the person is knowingly or unwittingly invovled as a Super Secret Spy. Also a quick and easy test is a urinalysis for protein in the urine. Thats another sign your a SSS. sleepy eye lids.
Homosexuality is another symptom of them. Complaints of a throbbing brain is another one.
poor impulse control, insomnia, drug withdrawl symptoms (bugs on the skin), sleepy eye lids, eyes turned to one another, scorching heat on the head, night sweats, pain in the bones, unexplained agitation, hiss sounds in the ear, protein in the urine,