Кстати, о птичках

Кстати, о птичках

Все в курсе?


Prosper person-to-person lending offers up another perk - a free credit
score for prospective borrowers. If you're a lender already, it's not too
difficult to become a borrower. I just had to verify my address and phone
numbers, and they offered up my credit profile. You will need to provide
your Social Security number, though.

After signing up and logging in, just click on "Get a Loan" and then "Get a
Personal Loan". Note that this isn't your FICO score, but an Experian ScoreX
PLUS score based on your Experian credit report. (Some people refer to these
as Fake-O scores, or FAKO, as they compete with FICO scores.) Prosper makes
it pretty clear that this credit profile will not affect your credit score:

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